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You’ve dreamed before, haven’t you?  You’ve had that idea and thought what if?  That’s how it all got started for us nearly 20 years ago.  The question proposed by Tim was, “Is that a Series 65 book?”  Tom responded with a “Yes, and I’m starting an investment firm.  Do you want to join me?”  They were 27 years old with a VISION.  So in a car ride up to Long Island, the dream became a reality and the what if became Chesapeake Financial Advisors.  Continue Reading...

Our Mission

Chesapeake Financial Advisors promotes financial peace of mind for the baby-boom, gen-x and millennial generations by providing fiduciary based, independent, fee-only comprehensive financial planning, investment management and tax planning.

Our Vision

Our vision is for every client to achieve their goals and realize their dreams and to enhance their quality of life by providing them with financial peace of mind, all the while communicating effectively and educating every client on investment market conditions, portfolio investments, financial planning and tax law changes.

Why CFA?

We are fiduciaries.  A financial advisor held to a Fiduciary Standard occupies a position of special trust and confidence when working with a client. As a Fiduciary, the financial advisor is required to act with undivided loyalty to the client.  This includes disclosure of how the financial advisor is to be compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest.


Someone who does not completely trust their financial advisor can never be fully confident that they are receiving the best possible advice from the best possible advisor.  Without trust, can confidence really be achieved?


An advisor who is loyal to only their clients will not be swayed by outside forces to recommend investments with higher commissions or payouts.  Without loyalty, can people ever be sure their own interests are being looked after?


People must know, and understand, how their financial advisor is being compensated for the advice they are providing and whether or not any conflicts exist that may cause a problem with that advisor’s ability to provide truly independent advice.  Without disclosure, can prudent advice be provided?

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One Advisor Twice The Advice™

Our Proven Process. Our team provides fee-only fiduciary advisors that believe your tax saving strategies should complement your financial plan. We believe our clients should benefit from having one advisor that protects both sides of their financial well-being.
We will ensure you have Tax Savings Strategies that align with your Investment Plan.


Our Philosophy

Our firm’s philosophy is predicated on the belief that properly allocated and individually managed investment portfolios should contain assets that are consistent with the goals and objectives of our clients and should be monitored continuously by principals with the highest standards of integrity, experience and investment acumen.

Our Clients receive the total uninhibited involvement of our Principals.  Because we individually manage and continuously monitor our client’s accounts, our clients are able to speak directly to the people managing their Financial and Investment Plan; creating a clear line of accountability.  Unlike many investment management firms, Tom, Tim, Craig, & Mike are available around-the-clock, at the other end of the phone, by email, virtual meeting or in person.

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