Our Story

You’ve dreamed before, haven’t you?  You’ve had that idea and thought what if?  That’s how it all got started for us nearly 20 years ago.  The question proposed was, “Is that a Series 65 book?”  Tom responded with a “Yes, and I’m starting an investment firm.”  He was 27 years old with a VISION.  So in a car ride up to Long Island, the dream became a reality and the what if became Chesapeake Financial Advisors.


We started in a car but quickly graduated to a closet on the fourth floor of 401 Washington Avenue in Towson.  We paid $25 a month in rent and needed to vacate every time our landlord wanted to access his file cabinet!  But our VISION remained.  After a year, we relocated our office around the corner to 31 Allegheny Avenue where the Zagat’s rated Café Troia calls home.  The next time you dine there, and we recommend it highly, walk to the back of the dining room and look into the far right corner…that was where we met many of our first clients and you know who you are.  We will always remember that suite because the early foundations of our firm were built there with some sweat equity, long hours, and many ups and downs.  It’s where we watched 9/11 unfold on CNBC and the tech bubble burst.


In 2004 we moved back to 401 Washington.  For many reasons really.  It’s a great building with a rich history in Towson.  Charles Schwab calls the building home and we knew we wanted to provide easy access for our clients.  We were on the 8th floor for a long time.  We had great views of Towson and great memories meeting with you in our chopped up suite.  It is the place where we hired Katie, our first employee, and brought on additional employees to support your growth, as well as ours.  It’s where we baby sat for a client in a bind, provided office space to a client who needed a spot to work, experienced the great Maryland earthquake and continued to build upon the foundation of our VISION.


We are guided by what is best for our clients, so in 2014 we moved to the 12th floor and we added satellite offices in Columbia and Bel Air.  We’ve also added additional services like tax preparation; all to better serve clients and build upon our VISION.  We still have great views and we expect to make many more memories.  Our Towson office offers us double the space, is completely modernized with updated technology, includes a state of the art conference room and has a client lounge we refer to as the “Humphries Room,” named after the architect of the building and our suite.  If you are in the area please drop by and see us.  We’ll show you around, grab a cup of coffee or a cold drink and catchup with us and the market.  1202 is our home and it’s yours as well.


For without your loyalty and continued confidence in our services, without growing our client family, we cannot move forward on our VISION of building a fiduciary based, fee-only financial planning, investment advisory and tax preparation firm that always puts you and your best interests first; where we are on the same team as our clients as they achieve their goals and realize their dreams; just as we are so blessed to have realized ours.


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