Making Everything Simpler & More Secure for Our Clients

Yesterday, we closed our offices so our team could attend a one-day Charles Schwab conference.  This conference offered us so much new and exciting information.  Your experience with Chesapeake Financial Advisors and with Charles Schwab will improve greatly – now – and in the coming months.

Improvements have been made in several areas of client services:

  • Paperwork completion to open or move money into/out of/between accounts is more streamlined and saves many days of processing time.
  • With the correct mobile app, you can open accounts and eSign for various transactions, in the palm of your hand.
  • The client online website is becoming more user-friendly.
  • Cyber-security is a top priority – they have a zero percentage of hackers and fraud regarding online wire transfers.
  • Checks can now be scanned and deposited into your Schwab accounts online or through your mobile device.
  • There are many more improvements and enhancements in place now and more coming in the months ahead.

Please remember that Schwab will NEVER send you an email asking for personal or private information.  If they send you an email, they will always ask you to login to your online account to access the information they request there – safely and securely.

Schwab is working diligently to improve their services offered to all clients to make things much easier and more secure regarding your accounts and private information.  Chesapeake Financial Advisors does the same. 

Rest assured that Schwab and CFA are both working to make everything simpler for our clients to navigate.  Our common goal is to make you feel and know that your investments are safe and secure and they are in the best care.

Chesapeake Financial Advisors is a fee-only financial planning, investment advisory and tax planning firm with offices in Towson, Bel Air and Columbia, Maryland.