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Understanding Risk

Few terms in personal finance are as important, or used as frequently, as “risk.” Nevertheless, few terms are as imprecisely defined. Generally, when financial advisors or the media talk about investment risk, their focus is on the historical price volatility of the asset or investment under discussion. Advisors label as aggressive or risky an investment…

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Streamlined Security on Schwab Alliance & Mobile Enhancements

Schwab has streamlined the process of gaining web access to your accounts on Schwab Alliance without compromising online security.  When you enroll for web access you can now choose to verify your identity via a phone call or text message instead of answering questions about your account. Version 8.0 of the Schwab Mobile App has…

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Making Everything Simpler & More Secure for Our Clients

Yesterday, we closed our offices so our team could attend a one-day Charles Schwab conference.  This conference offered us so much new and exciting information.  Your experience with Chesapeake Financial Advisors and with Charles Schwab will improve greatly – now – and in the coming months. Improvements have been made in several areas of client…

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