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Monthly Market Insights | May 2023

US Markets Stock overcame recession worries and mixed corporate earnings results in April, ending mostly higher. For the month, the Dow Jones Industrial Average picked up 2.48%, whereas the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index rose 1.46%. The Nasdaq Composite which was up nearly 17% in the first quarter of 2023, was flat 0.04% in April.…

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Monthly Market Insights | July 2022

US Markets June was a tough month for the markets as recession talk prompted investors to recalculate risk in their portfolios. The Dow Jones Composite Average led the indices to lose only 6.84% while the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fell 8.39%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite dropped the most losing 8.71% in the month of…

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Q2 2020 – Second Quarter Stock Market Commentary

There is an old saying on Wall Street, “The stock market is not the economy and the economy is not the stock market.” We all got a little taste of that this past quarter when we saw a negative -4.8% GDP in the first quarter and predictions of negative -30% to -50% GDP for the second quarter. We saw record…

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