Investment Philosophy


Our firm’s philosophy is predicated on the belief that properly allocated and individually managed investment portfolios should contain assets that are consistent with the goals and objectives of our clients and should be monitored continuously by principals with the highest standards of integrity, experience and investment acumen.  We believe investors do not receive these characteristics from alternative investment sources that pool assets with the assets of others, act as intermediaries or where management is compartmentalized.

Our philosophy allows us to work with each client as an individual, with different personal, business and family obligations.  This structure enables us to develop asset allocations consistent with the goals and objectives of our clients, including each client’s tolerance for risk.  Our style also allows us to be tax-efficient, using different strategies depending on each client’s investment profile.

Our firm’s philosophy includes the total uninhibited involvement of our principals.  Unlike many investment management firms, Tom and Tim are available around-the-clock, at the other end of the phone, email or in person.  Because we individually manage and continuously monitor our client’s accounts, our clients are able to speak directly to the people managing their assets, creating a clear line of accountability.

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