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Q1 2021 Stock Market Commentary

The market continued to surge higher as we said goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. Additional stimulus, mass vaccinations, and hopes for a return to a fully opened economy provided a nice backdrop for the market to further its gains. As rosy as that all sounds, we did run into some volatility late in…

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2020 First Quarter (Q1) Market Commentary

Most economic slowdowns occur over time with a slow deterioration of Employment, Consumer Confidence, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Companies generally tighten their belts and the Fed and Government make monetary and fiscal policy changes to help soften the blow and eventually we come back slowly. It’s called the business cycle. We have been going…

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2018 Q1 Market Commentary

After starting the year where we left off in 2017 with the S&P 500 rising more than 7% in January, the market finally met some volatility that we haven’t seen in several quarters.  Inflation fears, higher interest rates, tariffs, privacy concerns and other issues finally took the buzz off of the tax cuts and made…

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