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New Developments for Student Loan Forgiveness

As you may have heard in the news, there are new developments for student loan forgiveness. This is a fast-moving program change and we do not have final guidelines on the implementation of the program. Nonetheless, we wanted to get you the information we have so far, and subscribe below to receive updates as we…

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Federal Student Loan Borrowers Get Some Relief Due to COVID-19

On March 20, 2020, the Department of Education announced terms for student loan relief for tens of millions of borrowers in response to COVID-19.1 Here are answers to some questions about the new rules. For more information and to follow subsequent potential rule modifications, visit the federal student aid website. Does the relief apply to all student loan…

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Tapping the Equity in Your Home

Over time, the value of your home has grown and your mortgage balance has been reduced (or even eliminated). The equity (the property’s value minus any liens against it) you now have in your home is a reservoir of funding potential. You may decide to tap into it for various purposes, such as remodeling your home, paying…

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