CFA and Schwab Alliance offer new password options

Maintaining the strongest possible security standards for your sensitive data is one of our highest priorities at Chesapeake Financial Advisors.  As part of our ongoing effort to this standard our clients can now create longer, more complex passwords when accessing their account information via the Schwab Alliance website.  Clients can view their data securely by logging in here.

The newest security feature on Schwab Alliance are passwords that can be between 6 and 234 characters.  They must have at least 1 number and 1 letter.  The passwords are case sensitive and can now include commonly used symbols and internal spaces.  Clients can continue to use your old password but it is a good practice to update your passwords periodically.  We recommend updating your password at least annually or anytime you suspect a security breach.

Clients can change your password to use the new guidelines at your discretion, it’s not mandatory.  Schwab also offers free security tokens which can make logins even more secure.  If you are not yet set up with a Schwab Alliance login or are interested in a free security token please give us a call at 410-823-5442 or contact us.

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