Investment Management


We will implement a customized and individually managed investment strategy based on our proprietary and independent investment research. We invest for the long-term by establishing asset allocations and adjust those allocations upon the changing circumstances and objectives of our clients, not on the vagaries of short-term market fluctuations.

We will create a comprehensive dashboard for you so that you will have one source for all your investment accounts.  With the ability to aggregate account data from more than 10,000 financial institutions, we provide a complete picture for clients. This wide coverage of accounts includes investment, retirement, banking, insurance, 529s, 401(k), 403(b), annuities, REITs and TSP, as well as the mortgage, loans, bills, and other liabilities.

Investors expect to receive advice that is tailored to their personal financial goals.  Yet many other advisors lack the reliable information they need to understand how non-managed accounts are performing.  By providing a holistic view of clients’ assets and liabilities, we facilitate richer, more informed financial guidance than other advisors.

As a fee-only investment advisor, we are not influenced by conflicts of interest.  We charge only an asset based investment advisory fee so that our compensation is directly linked to the value of your investment portfolio. We do not sell products and do not receive commissions.

We use an independent custodian to hold your assets and you will receive monthly reports directly from the custodian and transaction statements every time we make a trade decision in your account.

Our Process

Completion time: 2-3 weeks

1. Initial Meeting
2. Data Gathering
3. Draft Investment Policy Statement
4. Final Meeting
5. Implement Investment Plan

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